Esp Eng



To comply with the storage and logistic conditions required by our customers through the company’s active commitment to health, safety and environment, which in turn will be reflected in the quality of the services provided to our customers as well as in our facilities.


To store our customers’ products with excellence, ensuring the highest levels of expertise, safety, environmental protection, and quality in our services.

Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Policy

To comply with the national and international legislation to which Antivari applies.

To hold each member of the company responsible for the coordination and assessment of the contracted work in a clear and precise manner, producing actions in compliance with a sufficient level of quality of the combined services and optimal conditions of hygiene, safety and environmental management.

To do so, the following guidelines are established:

To define clear continuous improvement rates in terms of safety and hygiene in the workplace.

To interact with the community in order to address and respond to their concerns.

To avoid and suppress any risk to people’s health.

To prevent, neutralize or decrease the adverse effects on the environment.

To comply with the national and international legislation applicable to our activities.

To involve our customers in the continuous management improvement as well as to perfect their management audit rating.

Certification of Operation and Safety Conditions of the Plant.

Certificate No. FCSP-AE-GP-001-2012

S.E. Resolution No. 404/94, as per Law No. 13660 and its regulatory decree No. 10877/60

S.E. Resolution No. 1296/2008 for biofuels storage

Registration in the Manufacturing and/or Trading Companies Section of the Registry of Oil Companies, appointed pursuant to S.E. Resolution No. 419/98, authorized to act as fuel importer/exporter, fuel trader and bunker operations under file number S01:327426/2011.

S.E. Resolution No. 785/2005 Program for leaks control in hydrocarbons and derivatives storage aboveground tanks.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Certification

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems Certification

Certificate of Environmental Compliance as per Law No. 11459 and its regulatory decree No. 1741/96, and in accordance with the provisions of resolution 39/13. Registered under record No. 4725.

Enrolled in PLANEACION, the national contingency plan of the Argentine Coast Guard.