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Antivari is born in the 1960’s as a result of the association of two family businesses, whose owners decided to establish a storage terminal at the Port of Dock Sud, in Buenos Aires: the Odfjell family, owner of a Norwegian shipping company, and the Radonjic family, of Yugoslavian origin, owner of Codel, an Argentinean industrial building company.

The company was named Antivari in honor of a port facing the island of Bari, in Montenegro.

In the early years, the company dealt exclusively with the storage of bulk products dispatched by DuPont Company to its local branch, but over the years, Antivari exponentially expanded its client portfolio, hence triggering the extension of its tank farm to the maximum capacity.

In 1994, the dry cargo warehouse was built, thus adding the fractionation service. Since then, the company offered warehousing services to leading multinational corporations, including Dow Chemical Company, among others.

Finally, in 2012, and after a major investment, the plant was restructured in order to comply with the new regulations of the Port of Dock Sud –which only allow the storage of products authorized by the Port Delegation ̶ , offering since the storage of hydrocarbons, biofuels, lubricants and specialties.

Antivari’s current administration fully intends to continue growing, considering that a constant innovation and a strong commitment to the environment are the cornerstones of their management.